Euphoria In A Jar was established in Jan 2014. During a huge snow storm Mwansa had a crazy idea to start a cheesecake business using his one-of-a-kind, Caramel Apple Cheesecake. With only $60.00 in their pockets, Mwansa & Sheila, who were then just dating at the time, went out in the blizzard to the grocery store. $57 and some change later, they were selling out at both of their jobs! With Sheila's natural love for cooking and her killer Banana Pudding, they were a match made in heaven!!! Within 9 short months, they had a kiosk located in the Cherry Hill Mall, a popular mall in New Jersey. During their time at the mall, they were named #2 in New Jersey for The Best Mall Food. Since then,the two relocated to Atlanta and the rest is history!

About Us


3355 Lenox Rd

Atlanta, Georgia 30326


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